Activities Calendar

Serving Adults with Special Needs

Church10:15 am Exercise Outside 1:00 pm ShoppingArts and Crafts10:00 am Walk 1:00 pm Movie10:00 am Walk 1:15 pm BingoVolleyball Game2:15 pm Movie
Church10:00 am Walk Beading Day10:00 am Walk Outside GamesArts and Crafts10:00 am Walk 1:15 pm BingoHorseshoesFree Day
Church10:00 am Walk Beading Day1:00 pm Movie Rehearsal Day10:00 am Walk Arts and Crafts10:00 am Walk 1:15 pm BingoColoring Contest2:15 pm Movie
ChurchArts and Crafts 1:00 pm Shopping10:00 am Walk Clean Up Day10:00 am Walk 1:15 pm BingoBeauty PageantCroquet GameYard Sale
Church10:00 am Walk Badminton GameArts and Crafts 4:30 pm Birthday Party